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The Flavors of the Lights

Open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 2pm to 6pm.

Domaine de Seneffe invites you to discover the exotic 18th century in its tasting room. Indeed, come live a unique experience rich in flavors and emotions, in the exceptional setting of the Chinese House, a style that was popular especially in the first half of the eighteenth century.


Enjoy exotic drinks: an invitation to travel

In the Age of Enlightenment, to conquer other countries and to meet cultures from elsewhere comes in different ways. Everything becomes an object of curiosity. As Europe is greedy, the art of travel also involves food and drink. Thus the coffee introduced in France by the envoy of the Grand Turk under Louis XIV is all the rage. Paris consumes 1,225 tons, or 1.8 kilos per individual and per year! In the Latin world, according to Michelet, coffee is the "revolutionary drink". But for the Anglo-Saxons, it is the tea, the "small grass" dear to Voltaire which is the price.

And what about chocolate? At the time, chocolate was a rare dish, reserved for nobles and the rich bourgeoisie. It is a luxury product, fragile and expensive to cultivate. It is consumed in cafes, salons, at the court. It is also used as a medicine remedy as well as a physical and psychic stimulant.

Numbers of personalities of the time contributed to its success. The Pompadour drank chocolate several times a day. Marie-Antoinette enjoyed her chocolate every morning. The function of "Chocolatier of the Queen" is created.

It was in the eighteenth century that were made the most beautiful chocolate pot in silver and porcelain. It is then of good use to offer chocolates.
Our lounge transports you to the heart of the exotic

Discover the fashionable drinks of the Enlightenment

Chocolate, tea and coffee are served in a beautiful Chinese room. You are taken to the eighteenth century with sumptuous decorations and waitresses in period outfits. The lounge is invaded by the scent of hot chocolate, tea and coffee. A step back that does not leave indifferent.

The design of our chocolate is based on different authentic recipes dating from the eighteenth century. Its well-kept secret, Domaine de Seneffe offers a unique and traditional recipe that you will not find anywhere else.

You will be exalted by the discovery of these new flavors from distant lands. Beverages considered as luxury goods and reserved for a certain elite of the time.

And that's not all, Domaine de Seneffe also offers homemade desserts. Always respecting the spirit of the time.
In summer, enjoy the gardener's delights

An impregnable view on the large garden invites you to the pleasures of the gardens.

To you the flowery waters (called lemonades) to refresh you with sorbets with seasonal fruits. As the habits and customs of the Age of Enlightenment wanted. The melon is then tasted without moderation. And the pink titillates the nostrils of the beautiful ladies of the Court. We want freshness, calm… Happiness is in the garden.

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