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Bon Voyage


From 27 April to 11 November 2024

Open-air exhibition

This new edition takes visitors on a journey. Each artist has his or her own take on the theme, using different materials and techniques.

For Daniel Fauville, it's boarding a boat along the river and discovering architectural and imaginary treasures along the banks.

For Hoze, it's a swan, a mythical animal that symbolises the migratory journey and is attached to bodies of water. It sails gracefully across the pond.

For Pierre-Alexandre Rémy, the route of his own walk in the park has been transposed into a line. Follow his mapped route.

As for Quentin Rivage, it's a deliberate encounter with a material that is essentially linked to the history of the site. A quirky take on the Origin of the World.

Elsa Tomkowiak's chromatic box invites visitors to cross over to the large pool. On the other side, flags beckon.

Caroline Van Assche explores the implications of memory when travelling. Self-discovery or abandonment? A journey between past and present.




April to September: every day from 8 am to 8 pm

October to March: every day from 8 am to 6 pm



Domaine de Seneffe park

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