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Visit to the silversmith's workshop


Discover, practice in a friendly atmosphere

Why does silver go through different colours (yellow, purple, blue and black)? What is the phenomenon behind oxidation? Why do grandma's recipes for cleaning only work halfway? Why is there so little use of silver cutlery in this day and age?

Finally, everyone talks about silver, but who really knows its value and uses?

Silver is a precious metal, ductile and malleable, appreciated for its particular white shine. Its main defect is the phenomenon of spontaneous oxidation in the open air and, above all, its sulphurisation which forms a dark layer on its surface.

The goldsmith's workshop: a moment of exchange and discovery

You come with a piece of silver (cutlery, a pot, jewellery,...) and you will learn everything that can happen to a simple silver cutlery or how, with some very scientific, even a little magical, tricks, you can give it back all its shine. The workshop takes place in a small group (limited number of participants) and becomes not only a place of learning but also a space of conviviality... in short, an exclusive moment in the museum.

No silverware in your drawers? No problem, the museum can lend you some.

Information and reservations

Need more information before booking? Contact our Mediation Department: (Messages are only processed from Monday to Friday, during office hours. Mails are collected between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.) or call +32 (0)64 55 69 13 (Reception)

Would you like a "group" menu?

Contact the Mediation Department (Reception: +32 64 55 69 13).

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