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Domaine du Château de Seneffe

Tinka Pittoors : Les Voyageurs


The Belgian visual artist Tinka Pittoors proposes "HER" artistic journey, entitled "The travellers", in the park and gardens of the Domaine du Château de Seneffe. For the past 2 years, she has been working on her concept of an outdoor exhibition at Seneffe to create "HER" universe sometimes colorful, sometimes dark, both from here and elsewhere and always imbued with poetry.


Tinka Pittoors is a Belgian visual artist who regularly exhibits in Flanders, Wallonia, the Netherlands and France.


Videos, installations, sculptures, drawings, everything is subject to reflection. She also likes words, the French language. She likes to divert everyday objects and use epoxy resins, varnishes, and so on to give shape to her creations. Mythology, tales and popular imagery also feed her imagination.


With "The travellers", the artist takes you into her colorful and poetic universe full of surprises. It is up to you visitors, to make your own journey and look for "YOUR" traveler. This is the originality of the concept of the outdoor exhibition: to see, to question and to participate. Just take a game of petanque and, while playing in the park's alleys, at every place invested by Tinka Pittoors, encounter a new experience.



'32 (0)64 55 69 13


Outdoor exhibition


In the Seneffe Estate Park


Free access


Park opening hours: April to September: daily from 8 am to 8 pm, October to March: daily from 8 am to 6 pm

The visitor's guide is available at the Chapel (park information point and video on the artist and Seneffe). It can also be downloaded HERE.