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Domaine du Château de Seneffe

Immersion # Collection(s) # Seneffe


A museum tour exploring the origins of our collections

Donations, bequests, deposits and acquisitions

The Domaine de Seneffe highlights various objects, pieces of silverware, paintings, photographs, pieces of furniture or decorative art elements from the "collections" of the museum. During your visit, you will be able to understand how this museum heritage was built. It mainly belongs to the Wallonia-Brussels Federation or has been deposited by collectors or cultural partners.  You will discover who is behind the selected works and you will recognize the importance, for a public institution, to be able to orchestrate an exceptional heritage, which covers large areas related to silversmithing, the history of the castle or life in the eighteenth century...


Behind each object - or collection (s) - hides a story, big or small, ...


The objects leave a trace of the lives of those who designed or used them, the passionate collectors or the institutions that saved them.


It will also allow you to tell the difference between donations, deposits, bequests, acquisitions... You will learn how the collection of the museum of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation was built. You will see how and why links are forged between different institutions or museums.


This is an opportunity for you visitors to discover the hidden side of the Seneffe Museum and to understand how it highlights these objects. It's up to you to take another look at their exciting history, the craftsmen who made them, the owners who owned them and the depositaries who passed them on.


The collection consists mainly of works belonging to the French Community of Belgium/ Federation Wallonia-Brussels.

News and information

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Booking online required


20 people maximum per hour. To book click on <>  and choose your time slot (Museum unique ticket). 


Adults: €6 with tablet rental: €9

Seniors and young people aged 12 to 18: €5 with tablet rental: €8

Children under 12 and PWD: free - with tablet rental: 3 euros


Article 27: €1.25 with tablet rental: €4.25


Visitor's Guide and Applications for Visiting the Museum (Grandeur and Intimacy)

The visitor's guide is free of charge at your disposal, it contains the texts of the exhibition. Ask at the reception of the museum.

Multimedia tour of the permanent exhibition "Grandeur and Intimacy" via your smartphone or tablet: free.

Conditions: Museum applications remain accessible either via your smartphone (free Wi-Fi) or with the option of booking a tablet (to be combined with the purchase of your ticket online) (disinfected tablet after each use).



The time slots are: 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm (last admission at 5pm). No time slots between 12 and 1 pm



René Balbo-Axensalva -Veuve Albert Barbanson(FWB) - Claude et Juliette D’Allemagne-Rémy(FWB) - Agnès Dechamps - Andrée Demont- Maison Devroye -Xavier Duquenne - Fabrique d’église de Lonzée - François Goffinet et son épouse, née baronne Astrid de Fierlant Dormer - Famille Henrion - Edouard et Christiane Jonckheere-Mineur - Fondation Roi Baudouin/ Fonds du patrimoine & Fonds Comte Thierry de Looz-Corswarem - Lucienne Levita-Andelhof - La Loterie nationale – Le Ministère des Finances (déshérence Alix Craps) (FWB) - Famille Roger - Société Saint-Sébastien de Seneffe – The Rain Bird vzw - Famille Wolf-Zondervan


Visual photo: Mr. Clinckemaille