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Domaine du Château de Seneffe

Code(s) and colour(s)


Nature/ Urban art/ Outdoor

The outdoor exhibition 'Code(s) and Colour(s)' takes the codes of urban art and transplants them in the park of the Seneffe Estate. Ten Belgian and European artists, having responded to the call for applications, appropriate a natural setting, a garden or some other spot to create a new work there. In their own way, they each create a medium in which they introduce their world, using their own distinctive techniques and colours. Now it’s up to you to share this new experience in a context that invites the codes and colours of the city out into the countryside.


Artists: CyKlop, Dale Joseph Rowe, Erell, Mehsos, Mister Pee, Natacha De Mol, NOIR Artist, Roch Barbieux, Sophia Hirsch & Johannes Mundinger, Tidis



+32 (0) 64 55 69 13


Outdoor exhibition

In the Domain Park Seneffe

Free access

Park schedule

From April to September: every day from 8 to 20h.

From October to March: every day from 8 to 18H