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Domaine du Château de Seneffe


With the expert guide, take a tour that allows you to observe the living conditions of each character (interiors, associated objects, atmospheres, etc.).

‘Golden Triangle’ tour: 1 hr 30 mins - €85
‘Golden Triangle’ tour and workshop: 2 hrs - €110

Schools and colleges

Secondary and higher

With the expert guide, follow the footsteps of the various characters in the exhibition ‘The Golden Triangle’, take a tour of ‘Grandeur and intimacy’ and compare the 18th century to the present day.

Combination of temporary exhibition ‘The Golden Triangle’ and active tour of ‘Grandeur and Intimacy’: 2 hrs - €110


A specially adapted tour to find out about the life of children (rich and poor) during the period and trades at that time – and often today too.

Tour: ‘The Golden Triangle’: Once upon a time... Discovering the Age of Enlightenment? : 1 hr - €50

A workshop of your choice is offered: have a go at silversmithing or sample chocolate, eighteenth century style
Workshop of your choice: 1 hr - €50