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Domaine du Château de Seneffe


The permanent collection

This exhibition presents various facets of life in the 18th century: both the public side with all its brilliance and the most intimate or even secret aspects of everyday life.
To guide you on your travels through this period, this document includes a plan to determine your location in the building, and several texts about the rooms’ layout. You will notice that each room has two titles: its original name (e.g. the Grand salon) and the name of the recreated scene (e.g. the Women’s Gathering). A painted screen carries a text describing the room’s atmosphere, and we have ensured that each object on display is described.
You will discover our silverware collection in a broader setting from 18th-century life. So pay close attention, open your eyes and ears and prepare your sense of smell: you are about to experience an intriguing blend of sensations.
To start your visit, all you need to do is slip on cloth pads to protect our superb wooden floors. And then smile, because you’re on camera...