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Domaine du Château de Seneffe

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The sumptuous collection of secular silverware of the Château de
Seneffe was lovingly created by a private Belgian collector, Mr Claude
D’Allemagne, and his wife, Mrs Juliette Rémy, who donated and then
bequeathed to the Ministry of the French Community of Belgium the
remarkable items in silver they had patiently amassed throughout
their lives.
Wishing to both preserve and add to this legacy, for a number
of years the French Community pursued a policy of acquiring
silverware in order to supplement the collection. It prioritised the
purchase of works made locally, without forgetting the French and
English silverware which constitute the catalogue’s other strengths,
whose exceptional European character was also emphasised.
Donations, legacies and acquisitions have now led to the formation
of one of the largest collections of secular silverware in Belgium.

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