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Domaine du Château de Seneffe

Due to the restrictions imposed in the context of the current Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, we inform you that the Château/Musée de l'orfèvrerie la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles is currently closed.

Some words about it

It is due to the substantial fortune amassed by Julien Depestre,
an 18th-century merchant, banker and businessman, that we
today enjoy the magnifi cent Seneffe Estate, the main attraction
of which is its elegant country house.
Count Depestre took a close interest in the construction of
his residence, between 1763 and 1768, asking the architect,
Laurent-Benoît Dewez, to refl ect new lifestyle concepts focusing
on comfort, intimacy and grandeur.
At Seneffe, the neo-classical design of the leading architect of
the Austrian Netherlands displays a blend of French, Italian
and English infl uences.
The Estate is now owned by the Ministry of the French Community
of Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels).


You find here the plan of the sense of the direction inside.