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Domaine du Château de Seneffe

Paying access. Online reservation required and specific access during the covid 19  

Some words about it

It is due to the substantial fortune amassed by Julien Depestre,
an 18th-century merchant, banker and businessman, that we
today enjoy the magnifi cent Seneffe Estate, the main attraction
of which is its elegant country house.
Count Depestre took a close interest in the construction of
his residence, between 1763 and 1768, asking the architect,
Laurent-Benoît Dewez, to refl ect new lifestyle concepts focusing
on comfort, intimacy and grandeur.
At Seneffe, the neo-classical design of the leading architect of
the Austrian Netherlands displays a blend of French, Italian
and English infl uences.
The Estate is now owned by the Ministry of the French Community
of Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels).


You find here the plan of the sense of the direction inside.